Safe Coat Texture & Design

Textured paints offer matchless beauty and can provide substitute for missing texture in plaster. The textured paint finish is available in many color trends such as metallic finishes gold, silver and copper. Glossy and shiny finish of textured paint can also be obtained. These paints can be done on walls and ceiling easily and quickly. Textured paints of different colors are becoming popular for home/interior decoration and may be used an alternative to wall papers. 

Textured paints provide excellent protection against changes in atmosphere; withstand fairly well extremes of heat, cold and rain.  These paints contain special additives which provide good protection against Alkali and ultra violet rays. The paints are extremely resistant to Fungs and Algae, peeling, flaking and fading and stay bright. Textured paints are thick enough to cover minor defects, uneven surface damage and imperfection in walls and add a fresh look to the beauty of walls/surfaces.

Textured painting varies from slightly gritty look of sand stone or marble stone or wooden appearance and which can add deep look of the texture. Premixed textured paint available in the market can directly be applied on the surface. The premixed form of textured paint containing small, gravel like particles has grainy appearance.

Categorization of Textured Paints

  • Smooth Texture giving a stucco effect. 
    Sand Texture, the effect of which is slightly rough (like sand paper) because of added sand particles.  

Quality, type and color of textured paint have big role in hiding imperfections of wall. By applying high quality paints imperfections can be covered. But in case of low quality paints it is very difficult to hide defects because it requires more coats. Dark and intense color may require multiple coats and hide streaks. To get best quality finish, use high quality flat paint to hide imperfections and defective area.