Epoxy Flooring

Safe Coat Construction Pvt. Ltd. employs high quality seamless epoxy floor coatings for industrial, commercial and residential applications. We transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Durability, ease of maintenance, and an endless array of artfully creative designs serve to enhance property value, provide pride of ownership and deliver years of user satisfaction. Commonplace concrete flooring does not have the protective low maintenance qualities or esthetic appeal that modern-day epoxy surfaces provide. In brief, epoxy is as much an innovation to flooring as Teflon is to modern cookery.

We feel proud on our commitment to excellence in each and every job it performs. Customer satisfaction is the benchmark of its trade and reputation. We will never risk our hard earned reputation by cutting corners or by delivering inferior service. We guarantee every job we do – there is no other way. There is no job too small or too big that doesn’t deserve the very best.

We are dedicated to providing superior service and quality to our customers by maintaining a strong working relationship with the manufactures and distributors of the products used. As a result, our customers have the warranty that we stand not only behind our work but also behind our material providers.

Safe Coat Constructin is not only price competitive but also price conscious and is mindful of the importance of providing the best possible value to its customers in consideration of their investment. You will be surprised at how affordable epoxy flooring is relative to its long lasting value.

We are proud to hold ourselves out as the flagship of epoxy floor providers. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.